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That’s right guys…This is the Review Suggestions/Submission page and it’s always review time here 😀

use the search bar on the side panel of the blog to look for particular reviews. every review posted is tagged with important information such as the author’s name to make it easier for you guys to find the review you want…or you could  choose the reviews from the categories and have all reviews available on your screen 😛

If you’ve got something you want reviewed or have a suggestion for somebody else’s work then please fill in a contact form below 😀 I will do my very best to respond to each and every one of you. Alternatively you can comment at the bottom of the page, or message HSR on google hangouts at honestlysimplereviews@gmail.com

HSR also accepts review submissions for Wattpad and FanFiction stories/Writers.
(Please ensure all Wattpad or FanFiction submissions are completed stories or at least have plenty of material for review) For More information visit the HSR: Social, Creativity & Connection Page.


Lesley Acford
Creator & CEO
Honestly Simple Reviews


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