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HSR: Social, Creativity & Connection

Did you know HSR is not just a straight Forward Book Review Blog?

No… well now you do, you see HSR is a supporter for starting artists. There are dozens of unseen stars out there who go unnoticed compared to big popular writers, but HSR knows that even the most popular authors started off small.

E.L.James her self started off writing FanFiction and is now the world Bestselling Author of a brilliant series that’s currently bringing in millions of £ at the box office.

In order to support up-rising talent HSR is connected to 2 popular writing communities. FanFiction & Wattpad…you’ll find the links to HSR’s profiles below.

Honestly Simple Reviews is connected to many different forms of social media and writer creativity 😊 Below is a list (with Links) to HSR’s many Social Accounts.



HSR FanFiction – HSR-WebReader

HSR FB Page – Honestly Simple Reviews Facebook Page

Goodreads – Personal Goodreads Profile

HSR Google+ – Honestly Simple Reviews Google+ Profile

HSR oovoo – contact.hsr

HSR Pinterest – HSR Pinterest Page

HSR Tumblr – HSR Tumblr Page

HSR Twitter – @Tweet_HSRBlog

HSR Wattpad – HSR-Reader

Why not follow or friend HSR? I’m sure if your nice enough you’ll get one back 😋 And be sure to go to the Review Submissions page, here at HSR, and submit your work for a straight forward review. Even if it’s a Wattpad or FanFiction Story x

(please ensure all Wattpad or FanFiction submissions are completed stories or at least have plenty of material for review)

😄 looking Forward to hearing from you guys 😄

HSR Logo Lesley Acford – Creator & CEO of Honestly Simple Reviews


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