The Secret is the second novel in The Evolution of Sin Series by Giana Darling. If you haven’t read book one The Affair already it is hugely suggested you do as The Secret continues from where The Affair ended.

I Received a copy of The Secret from the author as an ARC in turn for my honest review. You can read my review for The Affair Here. I Rate The Secret an overall amazing 5/5 Owls.

I lost count of how many times I cried or got frustrated during my time reading this… the characters were so well written they could have leapt off the page and slapped me 😛 If you’ve read the first book ‘The Affair’ then you’ll agree that the story between Sinclair and Giselle is getting hotter as we go along *wink wink* One of my favourite things about the characters in this story is that they are constantly ‘evolving’ however you want to word it… I have a very peculiar love/hate relationship with characters like this.

I love characters that aren’t predictable and evolve as the story moves because it keeps me on the edge of my seat and always guessing…. HOWEVER for that exact same reason, I hate it because there’s something about the giddily enjoyable annoyance it provides when you think you’ve got not only the characters sussed out but the story itself then a wrench is tossed in the works and voila.
The Last thing I have to say about the characters is 4 simple words… well technically 3 as the one is a very bad word : Elana is a *insertbadwordhere* …. I’m not going to explain that at all because I’m sure once you read this book you’ll understand 110%

This Story was so exciting I couldn’t but it down …. I’m just glad my boyfriend is understanding of my addiction and doesn’t give me any hassle when I don’t spend time with or pay attention to him. The secret is a story full of excitement and although some aspects of the story are predictable they still manage to hook me like a fish, ensuring I’m completely and totally enthralled on the edge of my seat.
I for one think it was very hard not to enjoy this story. I was impossible to not get wrapped up in the emotion of it all and weep like a child (big ugly crying tears) when it was over and several times throughout.

Thanks for reading . I really hope you decide to read this series for yourself, trust me it’s totally worth it.

Lesley Acford
Creator & CEO
Honestly Simple Review {HSR}