A Jar of Dreams is the first book in the Jar series by Clarissa Cartharn. I was sent a copy of the book, from the Author’s PA to do an honest straight forward review.

From the very outset A Jar of Dreams stood out for me…it was mostly because the whole concept of having a leading character who was blind intrigued me as i honestly hadn’t come across anything like this before. Of course this isn’t a bad thing, no in fact i love the idea especially seeming being a disabled person myself i understand what anna had to go through growing up … sure not in the exact same way as i’m not blind but everyone starts off on the same path, and we call get to cross roads in our lives but some of us go one way and some of us go the other.

I must say because of this personal level i had achieved with the leading lady of the story there were many many sessions of tear works but none of it could prepare me for the ending. i actually just want to curl up into a ball and cry forever… its hard to find the right word to describe the feeling but once you’ve read it you’ll totally get it.

One of the great things about this novel is that its well written which allows the reader to truly experience the love that practically emanates from every chapter. With its alternating character pov we get a clearer picture of the character and everything that goes on…. Sure there were times when i had to stop and figure out which character it was because it wasn’t one of the leading characters, but i quickly picked up on the disgusting feeling Kurt gave me.

Even though this technically took me a month to finish (due to work and stuff) i honestly enjoyed it … its not just another romance story, the whole assassin world to the story was so thrilling i think i enjoyed that as much as the romance story … which is an usual comment for me as i am all about the romance XD

So if your looking for a great read with a captivating storyline full of unexpected turns, and strong relatable characters then i suggest A Jar of Dreams to you … and if you enjoy it theres the sequel A Jar of Hearts for you to ‘help’ ease the need for more once you finish. i know i need A Jar of Hearts XD

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