Chasing Eva is the first book in the new In Light of Shadows series by Camellia Hart. Its a 282 page Novel.

I Received a Copy of Chasing Eva from the Author in return for my Honest Review.

(May Contain Spoilers depending on your sense of a spoiler)

So i’d like to start by saying that it’s totally my boyfriend’s fault i didn’t finish this sooner… it took around 24 hours give or take a little. But it was incrediably hard not to love Clive from the get go…. i mean its not so rare when u meet characters like Clive is made out to be … you know the ** SUPER RICH PLAYBOY TYPE **

Except from the very first moment i felt there was so much more to Clive … and with the help of the beautifully written story and its excellent 3rd Person POV the very second we got inside Clive and saw him for who he was i knew, I JUST KNEW god dam it that no matter what i’d NEVER be able to look at Clive in a bad way ….. the passion he displays to us through the writers descriptions for Eva Avery is so intense, so honest and bare for us to see that to doubt Clive at all would, to me personally, be down right MAD.

Here’s how i envisioned Clive’s reaction in his head when he realised he’d FINALLY met Eva Avery again after all this time

Now let move on to the beautiful Eva Avery…. i’ve had mixed feeling with Eva through this book of course i love her but there have been times when i’m like BITCH pleeeeease i mean i get you were hurt in the past and your life is slowly crumbling around you but your wasting a good thing you really need to look at your life for 5 minutes

There’s many times where shit be getting real and this is my question to Eva every time.

Although there was 1 or 2 moments where i asked that question to Clive and infact a number of characters.

…So Rant about Clive & Eva out my system i feel much better XD
I’m Telling you guys you really need to read Chasing Eva….
it’s an unforgettable story of passion, rekindled loves, Bitchy Models, family dramas, lifelong friends and the true test of Love and Corporate fraud…. YES i did say Corporate fraud.

You’ll be sucked into this story from the very beginning and afterwards you’ll be crying, with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice-cream because you can’t believe it’s over and you know you’ve gotta wait forever until Loving Eva comes out….

haha oops sorry the crying and ice-cream thing may just be me ;P

feel free to contact myself and the author with your feelings on the book …. it’s something i’d be very interesting in know and something Author Camellia Hart would appreciate immensely as Chasing Eva is her debut novel XD

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Thanks For Reading

Lesley Acford
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p.s.I Highly recommend this book to anyone who LOVES Sylvia Day & the Crossfire Series!!!